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The Dungball Express podcast

Nov 25, 2019

What better than a little cinematic slicing and dicing to get the ol' blood rushing, and who better to talk about it than Jerry G. Angelo, producer and star of the recently released feature, Artik?   Donald and Harry get down to the messy business of all things horror, complete with a very bad impression of Rod Serling....

Nov 18, 2019

Donald and Harry swap some wild tales about their adventures in the commercial trade, with everything from Kenny Rogers lookalikes to suicidal golfballs to taming the not-so-scorching Mojave desert. It's a fun little jaunt with nary a Mad Man in sight.  So, hurry and call now!  Operators are standing by.

Nov 11, 2019

Writer and actress Debrianna Mansini joins Harry and Donald to talk about her acclaimed one-person show, The Meatball Chronicles, her odd affinity for rattlesnakes, and how she nearly traded in the glow of the footlights for the solitude of a drafting table.  It's an intimate conversation in a noisy café with a...

Nov 4, 2019

Harry and Donald catch up on all creative fronts, with updates on film projects, voice-over work, and composing, with a nod to agents, producers bearing crickets, and Harry's career plans to become a peanut seller.  There's never a dull moment aboard The Dungball Express!