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The Dungball Express podcast

Aug 30, 2021

It's big session time as Harry tackles his new roll as Music Producer for an upcoming documentary, complete with tales from both sides of the glass, as well as instigating a fistfight with one of Hollywood's more revered actors.  All in a day's work at HarryWorld.  Join us for all the juicy details

Aug 23, 2021

It's all about books as Donald shares the trials and triumphs of narrating Marc Jampole's tour de force new novel, The Brothers Silver, as well as a literary traipse through everything from Harry Potter to Lady Chatterly and points in between.   And, remember, no CliffNotes allowed.

Aug 2, 2021

Producer-Director Joe Lonesome joins Harry and Donald with tales from his early days as a skateboarder extraordinaire to the creation of his celebrated Offset Web Series, as well as some useful on-set bathroom etiquette tips.